Full Phat Design is a design studio housing a team of creative designers and developers capable of taking onboard any project that excites, inspires and leaves us brimming with ideas.

With a skilled team, we’re able to work with you keeping all your projects under one roof to provide consistency across your brand; Whether you’re online or offline, digital or analog.

So you’re wondering who Full Phat Design are? We’re a team of developers, designers, photographers, runners, cyclists, artists, friends, tea drinkers… the list go’s on. We work from our studio in the center of Mansfield, Nottinghamshire situated alongside the impressive viaduct which stretches the length of the town centre.

We love to join forces with clients who match our enthusiasm for the project we’re working on, no matter what the size. The aim being to help you grow and suceed in whichever industry it is you are trying to conquer. We’ve been doing what we do since our humble beginnings back in 2003, we’ve expanded a little but you’ll still find a group who aren’t half willing to help.