And Why Not? A Local bar in Mansfield

Posted by Martin 01st April 2014

Exactly that. And Why Not is a good example of a bar done right in Mansfield. In the day, it’s a place where great food is served and decent drinks can be drunk. At night, it holds an array of events and live music.

And Why Not Mansfield

The Food:

Honestly, it’s fantastic. They offer quite a wide range, from morning to evening, the menu changes throughout the day. In fact, they’ve just recently launched their New Lunch Menu, which is pretty much a lighter version of the main meals with added extras for around half the price. It’s a place where you can go for lunch that’s quick, tasty and doesn’t cost the earth.

The Atmosphere:

It’s great, the whole place had a refurb not too long ago, in which they stripped back everything and restyled the place to have nice sofas and booths, which I should add, really help when you’ve got a group of you. The tables are large enough to fit around and not have to worry about seats.

And Why Not Mansfield

Overall, You can consider And Why Not as one of the places that’s done it right in Mansfield both during the day and in the evening.

And of course, Tom was miserable!

Miserable Tom