Lucy’s Café, A local café in Mansfield

Posted by Martin 11th March 2014

When you’re in Mansfield, you’ll notice that most places are either a cafe stuck in the 80’s or it’s not quite aimed at your demographic, they seem to be the rules around here!

However, rules are meant to be broken, and there has been one place that has succeeded in breaking that rule; Lucy’s café in Mansfield Town Centre. A small independent café that serves local food and artisan coffees which is located just off the Market Square. If you haven’t paid this place a visit yet, you need to treat yourself this week.

The food

Lucy’s has a menu on each table full of great food, but I always find the large specials boards have such a variance of delights, I can’t help but chose from there.. With a nice selection of dishes ranging from Moroccan Spices Lamb Burgers to Thai Cod & Prawn Fishcakes, it’s not hard to find something that’ll make your mouth water, and for a meal and a drink coming in just under £10, it’s a fantastic place for lunch with friends.

Lucys Mansfield
Lucys Food
Lucys Cafe, Mansfield
Lucys in Mansfield Special Boards

The Atmosphere

With the kind of music you’d imagine playing in a french cafe and a vintage feel to the place, you lose track of time in here quite easily (unless you notice the clocks hanging on walls). Perfect for in depth conversations and business lunches. There is a gramophone in the corner that I wish played out, though changing a record every 12 minutes could be an issue, especially as the place is often quite busy. I’m hoping that they’ll have live music at some point, a small jazz trio would go down a treat, especially for an evening meal.

A place like Lucy’s feels like something you’d get in a larger city like Nottingham, which is fantastic, because Mansfield needs more and more places in a similar vein to this: More independent businesses, more locally sourced produce, and better quality products.

Miserable Tom

And of course, it wouldn’t be an outing without a picture of Tom, who despite his series of images, loves going to Lucy’s and getting himself the Lamb Burger!

Why not pay them a visit the next time you’re in town?