A fully responsive custom developed web site and branding crafted for Spark, organisers of teaching events across Dubai and the Middle East.

Spark contacted us in late 2014 to show us their web site which they used temporarily for the first few events. Because of the huge success of the initial Sparks hosted in the United Arab Emirates the Spark founders all decided that if the events were to keep growing new systems would be needed to make things run smoothly and to cut down on the number of processes needed everytime a Spark was happening. The first stage of the project was to form the Spark brand which could be used across all the organisations printed material and digital output going forward…..

Creating the brand (with a Spark)

The web site....

The problem

The issue the Spark team were having when they initially approached us was that the admin of each Spark and collation of attendees was taking a lot of time to organise. Tasks which seem simple such as producing name badges were becoming a burden.

The communication of events to previous attendees was also a sticking point, without a database of potential attendees it was always going to be hard to communicate to all these teachers using social networks alone.

Branding wise Spark already had a colour palette they wanted to work with but they needed a strong brand to work alongside this.

How we solved it

Our first challenge was to tidy up all the Spark branding, we created a selection of concepts for the client, the clear favourite was then chosen from the group of ideas and developed to create a full set of branding guidelines.

With the web site there’s a hell of a lot going off behind the scenes you don’t see from the front end, the site collects attendees to all events by allowing them to RSVP online, produces PDF name tags to be printed, allows presenters to upload their Keynote and Powerpoint files for download afterwards by attendees and lets the host for the Spark contact all attendees and presenters easily.

Cutting out all these processes which were previously done manually now makes Spark a sustainable model for everyone involved.

Professional, creative, insightful and with excellent communication skills, Full Phat Design know my project better than I do, I couldn’t ask for more.