A high end retail interior design company looking for an online presence to match

Trent Shopfitters approached us to bring their web presence up to date and inline with the quality of the work they produce. One of the key requirements of the new site was to showcase the high end brands who trust them to house their products in the interiors they build.

Secondary to this requirement was the ability for the Trent team to shine a spotlight on the processes required when completing these projects, provide potential clients with company news and list vacancies available within the growing company. With all these requirements in hand we set out to design the site…

Trent Shopfitters UI design

Responsive UI Design Grids

Always on brand

Trent Shopfitters already had an established brand and so every consideration was made to keep the new website as close to this as possible, without restricting the design too much. The tone of voice throughout was also taken into consideration when placing titles.

From start to finish

A point Trent Shopfitters wanted to get across to their customers with this new website was the fact that they could handle a project from start to finish without including 2 or 3 different companies, to achieve this we ensured the ‘The Process’ page was easy to navigate and got across all the relevant information while still being fun and easy to digest.

The Process Page


Trent Shopfitters