Pay Per Click Advertising – Your Questions Answered

Posted by Curtis Worthington 29th June 2017

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is it?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an advertising model in which the advertiser has the option to pay only when their adverts are clicked. This is important to outline because an advertiser’s adverts will only appear when one of their desired keywords has been searched upon. This means the user is actively searching for the services or products you are advertising. This can be highly rewarding for the advertiser in terms of driving visitors to their website, increasing sales and maximising ROI.

Where do adverts appear?

Providing the advertisers AdRank is high enough, their adverts can appear on the very first page of Google. As seen in the image below, Google Shopping adverts can appear right at the very top, with Search Ads just underneath, then comes the Organic search results, usually followed by another set of Search Ads:


How much does it cost?

One of the great things about PPC is that the advertiser can control the cost by setting a daily budget. Once the budget has been spent, the ads will stop showing until the following day. We’ve worked with a wide variety of budgets with advertisers spending between £5/day, right up to £1,000/day. Whatever your budget may be, we have an experienced team that can provide a tailored solution to maximise your ROI.

Advertisers are charged when someone clicks on their advert. This cost can be controlled by setting a maximum cost per click (Max. CPC). The Max. CPC is the maximum amount one is willing to pay for a click, whilst the actual amount you pay is often lower than your Max. CPC, it will never be higher, providing there are no bid adjustments or automated bidding being used.

Does PPC work?

Getting your business in front of consumers the moment they are searching is a crucial part of any marketing strategy. PPC marketing can be highly targeted if done correctly, having complete control over when your ads show, where they show, what keywords they show up for, what keywords they don’t show up for and the price you pay provides an excellent opportunity to get your business in front of your targeted audience, at the price that works for you.


When are my ads shown?

Want your ads to run seven, five or simply one day a week? You have complete control over the days your ads are shown, along with the hours of day, whether that’s twenty-four, eight or simply one hour a day, this is all easily accessible, flexible and interchangeable to meet your needs.


Where are my ads shown?

Whether you’re looking for customers in one specific town, a handful of cities or you’re looking to reach customers worldwide, you are in complete control.


Do I need to use an Advertising Agency?

There are many easily accessible blogs, tools and tutorials that can be found on almost anything Pay-Per-Click, but having a specialist manage your account will ensure you aren’t wasting money. Maximising ROI is what we do, we’ve spent many years in the marketing industry and have hands-on experience, learning, improving and perfecting our skills when it comes to running profitable PPC campaigns.

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