Visiting The New Capo Lounge in Mansfield

Posted by Curtis Worthington 01st September 2017

Visiting The New Capo Lounge, Mansfield

We like to have a venture out of the studio every now and then for some food and this was the case even more so when we heard there was a new venue in town. Sat on Stockwell Gate, The Capo Lounge is housed in a building that has undergone what looks to be an outstanding renovation after a £571,000 investment by the West Country restaurant and cafe bar group, Loungers.

But first… Who remembers this?

The former Lloyds bank dates from around the 1830’s and has been empty since Lloyds closed the branch several years ago.

Prior To Renovation

Today though, all 2,700 square foot of this building has been completely refurbished to house the new Capo Lounge. Take a look at some of the images from our visit, we were seated upstairs and loved the rough ‘back to brick’ feel to some of the interiors and the nod to Mansfield’s history with the headstocks wallpaper.

Capo Lounge, Mansfield
Capo Lounge Mansfield interior

The Menu

There’s plenty to choose from as you can see from the Main Menu, however, The Capo Lounge also provide Kids, Vegan and Gluten-free options if required, and not just the odd dish, a full separate menu.

The Food

We all thought the food was really tasty, it came out fairly quickly and was well presented. The vegan and vegetarian guys from the studio both came out happy with their Sweet Potato Falafel Burger’s and Vegan Mexican Superbowl which looked delicious, the verdict was pretty much the same for everyone else who left with a full stomach and a smile on their face!

Capo Lounge Mansfield Vegan Menu
Capo Lounge Mansfield Group

The Staff

We found the staff to be very pleasant, they’re courteous, welcoming and had a smile on their on face throughout our visit, they even helped untangle the puzzle of getting the cucumber water out of the water dispenser which a group of designers and developers struggled with!

Would we go back?

It’s a bit too late for this question…We already have! In fact, we’ve been three or four times since our first visit and I’m sure there will be many more visits to follow, judging by the cake and food pictures which pop up frequently on our Facebook feeds.

Capo Lounge Upstairs