The new ITV logo

Posted by Martin 20th November 2012

ITV unveiled their new logo last week, and it’s drastic change to their current branding to say the least. The re-branding had been worked on for around a year, but do the results really show that? A cursive font that ‘resembles’ handwriting in off-primary colours, the letters over lapping & causing an overprint effect: Personally, I don’t mind the green pink yellow, but the black? It just seems out of place.

Hopefully it’ll have motion when on screen and it’ll all make more sense.

The spokesperson said:

“In an ever more crowed market place, both domestically and internationally, the need for a modern, flexible brand identity that connects with our viewers and customers has never been more important. We are really excited to soon be unveiling a new identity that is as up-to-date, and relevant as our content. Big, bold and creatively ambitious, it will be true to our DNA as a brand at the heart of popular culture.”

The current ITV logo isn’t anything spectacular, and I think the pressure from other channels has forced ITV to respond: Channel 4 has always pushed it’s branding in new and different ways, something I’ve always admired about the channel and it’s sister stations (More4, 4seven, film4, E4 etc).

ITV, More 4 and London 2012

The implementation is key

However, if we’ve learned anything from the London 2012 Olympics logo, it’s that at first, this logo may seem ugly and ridiculous, but over time we’ll learn to accept and love it when we see it implemented…


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